Hurray! Hurray, Demenious is back….

DE: I’m home~~~ My keyboard, my mouse, my screen!!

GX: what you are back? I thought it would take longer for you to get back from where I send you.

DE: It WAS heaven, I wish to go there again… Wait, no. I will still come back, don’t even dream about it!

GX: Well I think, I will need to send you even further away next time so you don’t have internet there.

DE: Internet is important! I, I need it for necromancy!

GX: OK, ok, anyway welcome Back my great, world renowned and unholy Head Translator.

Demenious: And welcome back too, my awesome, holy, godly, eye blinding and superb translator robot.

GX: You are flattering me too much. …Beep… all hail Demenious….Beep…

Demenious: Uh, I didn’t say anything…. nor hear anything *whistle*

GX: Anyway we are currently in time with our schedule I think, so take a deep breath and dive in to translate with me. It will be super fun.

Demenious: I can’t wait to tell the stories with you, and of course the editors!

GX: Yahoo! Stories of the adventure of the great demenious!

M2: MWAHAHAHAHA 😀 hi guys

DE: Pff, do you have to  appear like this every time!? Scared the hell out of me man.

GX:….beep… Error…btzz unable to apply to the current situation….Btzz..

M2: I went on a brief trip to find food editors.

Demenious: Welcome back, thanks for bringing along the sacrifices editors.

GX: Welcome back. Oh btw do you have something for us and the readers?

DE: Yeah, I found something interesting look here it is a part of the new chapter and a mini robot. I wonder why it was there.

GX: Good you found that thing i was searching for it the whole time but is it with you? Well since we have them back, it is all good.

DE: So… Where do we hide the ch-

GX: Shhhhh…

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GX: …..Hm….. What should I do….. I know! I will build a mini Bot….


GX:… Done lets try it out….


GX: what the… Damn it! It took part of the translation……

Have fun hunting!

Sorry that the Bonus did not come out this week. The team is really busy this week. I am realy sorry. I am only a translator, the quality is still not reached what we wanted so pls be patient. -GX



Demenious: Hm? What’s the noise?…

GX: Demenious stay back from the sink, the sound is coming from the wall….

Demenious: Huh? Why?

GX: let me check….Beep… searching…..

Demenious: Tsu-tsunami!?

GX: No. yes. The tsunami of 500 followers.

Demenious: It’s leaking!

Good luck in your hunt.

Hello this is Demenious ← head of the project. This is a little fun after having hit 500 followers! Thanks for all the support!

GX ← the troll following Demenious here, big thanks for your supports yehe we hit 500. \o/  ♪└[∵┌] ♪ └[ ∵ ]┘♪ [┐∵]┘♪

GX: You wanna dance too?

Demenious: Probably….

♪ ┏(・.・)┛ ♪ ┗ ( ・.・)┛ ♪ ┗ ( ・.・) ┓ ♪ └[∵┌] ♪ └[ ∵ ]┘♪ [┐∵]┘♪

Kuang Shen Chapter Released

Hey Guys. I got around to editing half the chapter and then Demenious started pestering me to release it… So I decided to hell with it! Release it half edited 😛 (also all the comments telling me that quality is pointless ruined my mood already). So this has been edited by others, and I have gone through half of it, so it should be fine for most of you… I just will be sobbing in my corner with some of my comfort food (editor limbs)…

Uhmm this is the first Kuang Shen chapter I have read in a while and wow the pace has gone up tremendously. Jiyan really improved the story imo…

ANYWAYS, I would like to thank all the editors who joined last friday/saturday/sunday, they really helped out and pushed the release schedule up from some time later this week to today. So lots of claps for them~~~

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Anyways… Its late, I gotta work tomorrow… So here is the chapter link.

-M2t5 claims no responsibility for unedited mistakes as he wanted to delay the chapter even further 😛

-Demenious claims no responsibility for the late release of chapter 7 in light translations 😛

Beep…. Beep… Detection

Demenious: Did anyone sense something? Drip… Drip…. Not my drool though.

GX: Searching for the noise….beep, beep…….   source detected,  Demenious’s drool.

Demenious: WAT? No!

GX: Searching for new sources…..Beep, Beep.…. found it, Demenious call a plumber we have a leak.

Demenious: It’s been so long…… Did anyone miss it?



Where is it?

Good luck~~

Volume 3 Chapter 6 Released!

Hey guys, once again it is M2t5 here. (Yay three consecutive chapter posts~~). I apologize for the delay in the chapter, me and Demenious had a communication mix-up. I told him to post the chapter… He told me to post the chapter… and it just happened to be posted on Monday… Totally not my fault… (right?….)……. 😥

ANYWAYS, since that was obviously not MY fault. 😛 Got some announcements to put in here…


Now normally I would have a skit prepared, but as many of you have figured, I’m kinda overloaded at the moment. (I know right? its summer T.T) So no skit :(…

Anyways, please welcome Wanderlust to the team~~~~!!!!

*Claps* *Claps* *Claps*

Now that we have announced the new translator, we will be taking a one week break. Enjoy~~~ :P.

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Volume 3 Chapter 5 Released!


This is Demenious. Here’s the long awaited bonus chapter, please give a round of applause to the generous donators who made this possible! I’d like to thank you for your amazing support!

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As I have previously mentioned, we wanted to try to release a bonus chapter per two weeks instead of per month. And I managed to pull it off thanks to our AMAZING editors. Please thank them too. *clap* *clap* *clap*

Don’t forget to thank the donors!

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Anyways M2 here, just checking in… Uhhh I gotta go do other stuff. So that’s all from me :P.

Alright, here’s the BONUS chapter as promised! 😛

Volume 3 Chapter 4 Released!

Hey guys, M2t5 here with a new Mad God chapter release!  There have been a lot of names introduced in the latest chapter, and we thought we would give you guys, the readers a chance to vote on the name. The one with the most votes will stay! Umm there might be something else I’m supposed to put here… but I forgot. Sooo I’ll leave some space for Demenious to comment and then place the polls. 😛


New Character Name Voting:

New Sword Class voting:

Here is the new chapter!

Hey this is Demenious. As m2 had said, we cannot release more than one bonus chapter a month, but with our amazing League of Editors right now, I think we can release one every two weeks! So when the amount hits the target we will release the bonus chapter two weeks after the previous bonus chapter released!

For those who wondered what is leak, leak means part of the chapter leaked before the official release. If you can find it, you can read it. 😛

Please thank the editors for providing quality translation!

What is Jiyan’s pet name for Layson?

If you have a better name for him, leave a comment below! I might make a poll. Here’s our discussion,


Ah Xiang

It’s the same for Ah Xue

Just a closer way of addressing someone

Andriette Brittz

How would it sound in the EN?

I was thinking Lay-Lay.


Since it’s Ah Xiang, Layson





Andriette Brittz

….I think it will be disturbing if Jiyan were to call him Son


Son, I just realized what I suggested

Andriette Brittz


Whether it’s Son or Lay, find out in this chapter!